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What are the Advantages of Storage Shelves?
Release time:2022-06-06 Views:1694

Storage shelves are mainly used in some factories, with obvious advantages, can store a large number of goods, shelves can make full use of warehouse space, two-level shelves can store more items, will not waste warehouse space, but also reasonable planning, conducive to direct use in the future. So, what are the other advantages of shelves?

1, storage shelves are clean and tidy, can be divided into multiple layers, multi-functional, and not easy to rust. In fact, the goods are very strict regulations. Warehouse shelves need to be kept clean and have relevant signs.

2, warehouse shelves bin function, can be adjusted according to the actual needs of the upper and lower bin interval, which is important in practical applications, some goods are relatively large, the interval is not large, can not be put down. The same shelves used in supermarkets.

3, storage shelves do not rust, use for many years without rust. In the past, if not metal-plated, it is easy to rust. Rust not only affects the quality of goods, and is not strong. Over time, it will corrode. Now, with the use of some anti-rust coatings, the corrosion resistance of the shelves is guaranteed.