Racking and Shelving

Galvanized Wire Container

FM Storage offers a long list of functional wire mesh container products that are built with technical specifications, guaranteeing an improvement to the business progress and staff productivity.

Our wire mesh storage containers can carry more than 1000 kg, and its overall material is finished with zinc, hot-dip galvanized coat or powder coat. It is built with either full or half drop gates which allow easy access to the goods. Our products also include dividers, hinged or removable lids, casters, forklift guides, runner bars, and PP sheet or PP hollow sheet. For a more personal touch, HML offers printed ID plates with the name or logo of your choice. 



This type container will improve effective utilization rare of warehouse space. It can be stacked 4-5 levels. It's durable, convenient for transportation, reusable, effectively reduce manpower consumption and packaging cost of the storage enterprises.

They can be customized rely on customer's requirements, such as add forklift, top cover, bar runner, inner PP sheet, wheels etc.

Due to low cost and strong product plasticity, it's widely used in warehouse storage, logistics transport, supermarkets, agricultureļ¼Œrecycling industries etc.

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